The Distributed Data Summit Schedule

8:00am Registration and morning coffee (1st floor foyer)
9:00am Keynote: Keynote: Apache Cassandra: The Road to 4.0 (Nate McCall)
Robertson 1 (2nd floor)
Robertson 1
(2nd floor)
Robertson 2
(2nd floor)
Fisher West
(1st floor)
Fisher East
(1st floor)
10:00am Five things I wish I'd known about distributed systems
(Jonathan Ellis)
An Introduction to FoundationDB for Cassandra Users
(Ted Wilmes)
VNodes... and 4.0
(Kurt Greaves)
10:50am Cassandra Performance Tuning and Crushing SLAs
(Jon Haddad)
Cassandra and ScyllaDB at Yahoo! Japan?
(Shogo Hoshii / Murukesh Mohanan)
Running Apache Cassandra on Kubernetes
(Ben Bromhead)
Getting the most out of Cassandra
(Jeff Carpenter)
11:40am The Why, What, and How of Cassandra Repair
(Aaron Morton)
Operational Excellence with Apache Cassandra in Enterprises
(Hayato Shimizu)
Was Cassandra the right baseline for ScyllaDB?
(Dor Laor)
Need for speed: Boosting Apache Cassandra's performance using Netty
(Dinesh A. Joshi)
12:20pm Buffet Deli Lunch (1st floor foyer)
1:10pm Relational model in Cassandra: Will it fit? (Matija Gobec Solving IO bottlenecks in Distributed Data Systems: Cassandra Case Study (Prasanna Sundararajan / Nishant Vyas) Taking advantage of the open-source to sidestep SizeTierCompactionStrategy limitations (Alexander Filipchik) Deploying Cassandra in Multi-cloud (Jeff Carpenter)
2:00pm How Elassandra enhance Cassandra to provide Elasticsearch capabilities (Royer) Looking towards an Official Cassandra Sidecar (Vinay Chella / Joseph Lynch) Shard per core vs threads in databases (Avi Kivity) Running Apache Cassandra on Docker (Jim Hatcher)
2:50pm Cassandra's Odyssey at Netflix (Roopa Tangirala) Securing Cassandra with Vault (Carlos Rolo) Performance at Scale on Cassandra (John Sumsion - Family Search) TBA
3:30pm Afternoon break
4:20pm Cassandra data ingestion with CDC (Jay Zhuang - Uber) Query and Audit logging in Cassandra (Vinay Chella - Netflix) OLTP or Analytics? Why not both? (Avi Kivity - ScyllaDB) Documentation, documentation, documentation!!! (Pedro Vidigal - Pythian)
5:10pm Addressing the Challenges of Cassandra Backup, Recovery, and Data Management (Peter Smails - Imanis) Real time Video Impression Store @ Netflix (Nitin Sharma - Netflix) Distributed Secondary Indexes in Manhattan @ Twitter's scale (Karthik Katooru - Twitter) TBA
6:00pm Happy Hour